Web Programming

The team of studio-solution.com can offer you various technologies to realize online projects according to your needs. For smaller pages you can already choose from our web design packages we offer you.

Furthermore we will consider using ASP or Flash frontends and put a database backend behind. This way we ensure the undeniable advantages of dynamic pages.

Just imagine you want to have a forum for your webpage, e.g. you are offering an online guide for visiting London. Every time a user mights want to place a post the forum needs to be updated.

This can be done automatically by using dynamic pages (we use Active Server Pages) linked to a database (MS Access).

In addition we can build up your web project(s) with Flash MX. Flash has a market share of almost 90%. There won't be problems with Plug-Ins. On right handed side you can see a ticker which was made with Flash. Also studio-solution.com uses a lot of Flash.

Using this technology can attract your web page much more to customers. Take a closer look to the examples on the right side to see the possibilites of web programming done by studio-solution.com

Please fill out our instant quote so we get an idea of your demands.